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Welcome to Lamarca

Lamarca is the place to enhance business communication and develop 21st-century skills for authentic human connection.

Our story

The big questions we ask 

How do you connect with people to solve problems?

How do you connect with others to grow together?

For over 15 years we have helped some of the largest companies in the world, and their people, do one thing… succeed in their projects through better communication.

We learned that wherever we go or whatever we do in life is all about communication. How do you connect with people to solve problems? How do you connect with others to grow together? These are the questions we ask. That is why we focus on two critical area of communication:

– Communicating between languages and cultures with our Translation and Interpreting services to speed up your negotiations or to spread your word to a bigger audience.

– Mastering influencing skills, which is probably the most important skill that any human being can master. It can open doors for you to sell more, lead people better and grow to your real potential.


Lamarca by the numbers

Founded 2014

Translated words 100.000+

Languages we speak 5

Trainings delivered 300+

Around the worlds

International Projects in over 25 countries 

We travel the world to work with clients,
to learn from different cultures
and to build relationships.


Our founders

Trainer, Speaker, Consultant

Marcin Hasznos

Marcin é co-fundador da Lamarca Business Services, uma empresa especializada em treinamento e desenvolvimento de pessoas e organizações. Nascido na Polônia e criado na Hungria, Marcin se formou em Ciências Econômicas na faculdade College for Modern Business Studies de Budapeste.

“I work with small companies and Fortune 500 companies like GE, Bosch, DELL, Nestlé to improve their employees influencing skills by creating tailormade development programs for them to be more effective.”

Translator and Interpreter

Melissa Pilar

Com fluência absoluta em 4 idiomas, Melissa se formou em Letras Inglês-Húngaro na Faculdade Kodolányi János de Budapeste. Posteriormente, tornou-se tradutora e intérprete profissional ao concluir o curso de Formação de Intérpretes de Conferência do Brasillis Idiomas. Hoje, ela é tradutora credenciada pelo Ministério Público Federal de Brasília e pela Embaixada da Hungria além de ter atuado como intérprete para a presidência do Brasil.

“In one word I consider myself a linguist. The passion for languages has been with me since my childhood. There is nothing more exciting than being able to work in the constantly-changing universe of languages as a teacher, translator and interpreter. It is a never-ending marvellous learning path.”

Client centricity

We are driven by our values

Self mastery

We are experts. Yet we are never done learning. We challenge ourselves and each other to find and fulfill our unique potential.



We do what we say we’re going to do when we say we’re going to do it.



We look to the past for lessons, to the future for trends, but act in the now.
We look at issues from alternative perspectives fostering a culture of curiosity and diverse ideas.

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