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Hi, I'm Marcin

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You have spent a lot of time in preparing your expantion to Brazil. Maybe you even have a strategy and a business plan.

I work with an extensive team of professional business interpreters that can provide an interpretation service for your expantion to Brazil.


I've visited and worked from 5 continents and 28 countries. Since 2013 I live in Brazil and help foregin companies build out their operation in Latin America biggest market.

We want you to feel at home in Brazil

Many foreigners visiting Brazil undergo difficulties as regards their business communication due to language issues and differing customs which are unique to Brazil.


In particular, people in business development often have problems related to first-contact meetings, follow-ups and negotiations. It takes much more time and effort than it would back home.

We want you feel at home in Brazil. Therefore we aim to eliminate language barriers from your daily business expansion activity.

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Working on a new project in Brazil?
We offer full language support!

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