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Founder´s Story Part 1: Melissa Prado

Melissa Prado

CONFERENCE INTERPRETER English - Portuguese - Hungarian

Member of the American Translators Association (ATA)

Member of the Professional Association of Conference Interpreters. (APIC)

Member of the National Union of Translators (SINTRA)

Melissa, the co-founder of Lamarca Services has an inspiring life story. She is mostly known for bridging communication between Brazil and Hungary.

  • Interpreter for the Presidency of Brazil in bilateral meeting held between Brazil and Hungary - 2019

  • ​Interpreter for the Presidency of Brazil at the World Water Forum - 2018

  • ​Official translator for Hungary at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics - 2016

What you don´t know is that year after year she has been a Customer Service Award Winner in multinational organizations. Her outstanding business communication skills match her friendly voice.


“Melissa, are you that interpreter with such a sweet and nice voice? I’ve just sent a message to my husband saying that the interpreter is excellent.”


Government official


Watch her telling one of the most inspiring stories ever seen.

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