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The Global Citizen


Marcin was born in Poland and his family moved to Hungary in a hope of a better life. Fearing discrimination, his mother changed his Polish name into a Hungarian one, which he reclaimed when he turned 18. By today´s terms you would call Marcin a global citizen. As a child, he was fascinated by ancient civilizations and wanted to become an archeologist. At 12, this strong desire led him to Israel with a group of enthusiasts. There, he walked the lands that were part of so many of the stories he had previously read. After enjoying the wonders of Israel, he soon parted to the US to visit his uncle. For the first time in his life, he saw sliced bread which was, to his surprise, stored in a freezer. Since then, he has visited and worked across 5 continents and 28 countries. His best memories comprises the times when he lived and cooked with people from Africa, India, Europe, Americas and the Far-East. Today he lives in Brazil with his family and passes on the lessons he has learned along the way.


"Marcin has excellent communication skills

and an amazing ability to learn new languages/cultures."

Akhil Barar, CEO

Organica Water



Marcin started to work at a very early age to invest all his earnings in his discoveries across cultures around the globe.

Despite not being a top student, his language knowledge and understanding of the dynamics between cultures landed him his first real job at GE in 2003. Soon, he became responsible for knowledge transfer amongst the EU, India, China and the US.

He has always been on the front-line of innovation and change.

His biggest defeat happened when he caused an HR audit failure while he was turning the training organization upside down at a German tech company. At that moment, he felt the world was against him, but he fixed the finding and it ended up becoming his most successful change management project.

He has always seen himself as an Organisational Development Advisor with an agile and modern human resource management approach, primarily focused on talent development, employer branding and future of work.

Many appreciate him because of his outstanding customer service attitude.


"I hired Marcin for the newly established international IT helpdesk. He was a real "hit"!"

Tóth Zsolt, CIO

GE European Operations Services



Works with Fortune 500 companies and innovative businesses that are revolutionizing sustainability. A key player in developing the early team of Organica Water, featured in 2020 Global Cleantech 100 list.


Besides his family, Marcin constantly counts on mentors to help with his curiosity in his search for improvement.


"I truly miss his talent, focus, and provoking questions."

István Kenyeres, President



In 1997 he worked with the mentor of the mentors and the leader of the leaders: Mother Teresa.

The days they spent together feeding the poor in Rome filled him up with compassion forever.

The invitation card to Calcutta from Mather Teresa reminds him to always act. Unfortunately he could not fulfill his promise to meet her there because, five months after their encounter, she passed away.

But he was lucky enough to witness the friendship and respect held between her and Pope John Paul II.

Talking to the Pope in his mother tongue was beyond his comprehension at that time.


Always ready for challenges, he was elected as:

  • President of Humanitarian Projects in 2019 by his Rotary Club.

One year later he was appointed as:

  • Project Director of the Development Agency of Norte de Minas


  • Member of SDG Sustainable Cities in Montes Claros-MG.

  • ​Closely working with the Leadership of the Civil Society of his city.


He strongly believes that we can solve our problems.

There is enough noise around sustainability. But all we need to do is align goals and execute.

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