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Marcin HasznosESG Projects

What others are saying

“Marcin helped us to change from a small local company into a global technology player.”

István Kenyeres

President, BIOPOLUS Institute

“Marcin’s natural abilities allow him to put things together and make sense in a disorganized environment and therefore bring focus to the whole group.”

Akhil Barar

CEO, Organica Water

I have worked with Marcin on critical IT Service transition. No matter how big the pressure was, he made sure everybody left with a smile.

Wajhi Ahmed

VP Technology, UnitedHealth Group

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Melissa Prado´s inspiring story about making use of the opportunities life serves you.

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About Us

Specialist provider of business services to ESG focused companies in natural resource-based industries, life sciences, investment management and government. Discover more.

What´s Lamarca Services?

Build Social Projects for Brand, Business and Community Development

Combine strategy, creativity and tactics needed to leverage your social project investments for business, brand and community development. As a result, your organisation becomes more attractive to top talent and investors.

Reduce Expenses with Proven Sustainability Practices

Proven sustainability products and practices allow you to reduce your expenses. For those with innovative business model, your brand will rank higher in ESG, improving customer relationship and profitability.

Don´t Compromise Language Quality

Using latest technology spiced up with a human touch to optimise your trainings, negotiations and contracts, Lamarca Services reduces your risk of miscommunication, while preserving full meaning and quality.


I have worked with Marcin on very critical IT Service transition projects. No matter how big the pressure was, Marcin made sure everybody left with a smile. It was motivating to see how easily he handles project tasks.

Wajhi Ahmed

Head, PBM IT Services & Delivery Excellence, United Health Group

Marcin is an extremely planned, result-oriented, and focused professional with excellent communication skills and an amazing ability to learn new languages/cultures. His natural skills allow him bring focus to the whole group.

Akhil Barar

COO, Organica Water

Melissa, are you that interpreter with such a sweet and nice voice? I’ve just sent a message to my husband saying that the interpreter is excellent.


Brazilian Intelligence Agency, ABIN

I have never seen such a good performance. I don’t speak English but I know the technical part. Congratulations for the interpretation Melissa!
Carlos Prudente

Head of Prudente Engenharia, Brazil

I’ve worked in hundreds of events involving booth interpreting. Melissa, you are on the top 3 of the best interpreters that I’ve heard.


Producer, Brazil


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