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Business Interpreting
in Brazil

You want to expand your business to Brazil. We can support you with our linguistic expertise.

Praia de Botafogo


We provide interpreting service for your business development, technology transfer, negotiations, meetings, conferences and workshops. 

Event categories


  • Trade show

  • Supplier and factory visit

  • Business trip in-person support

  • Sales meeting

  • Business meeting

  • Group visit


  • First-contact calls

  • Live streaming

  • Telephone

  • Sales pitch

  • Sourcing call

  • Follow-up meetings


  • On-the-job training

  • Seminar

  • Global team meetings

  • Quarterly meeings

  • Big Events with speakers

  • Audits


  • International relations

  • Scientific cooperations

  • Conferences

  • Seminars

Modern Bridge

Business Development in Brazil

We help you expand to Brazil. With overseas business background in Europe, Asia and the US we provide business interpretating service for your sourcing, business development, technology transfer, negotiations, meetings and workshops.

In 2023 our highest demands pertain to the following industries: pharmaceutical, machinery, mining, agriculture, and life sciences, including biotechnology.

If you want to sell to Brazilians you need to sound like one.

We’ve been working with business clients from 28 countries, Which means we understand the critical nature of expansion projects and the confidentiality our work requires.

Coastal City
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About us

Hi! I'm Marcin. I help companies expand to Brazil. ​You’ve spent a lot of time developing your brand and your products. But now, you’re facing the new challenge of selling them in a very different country – Brazil. That’s where my expertise can help. Our business interpreters are familiar with local life and information, they are scattered throughout the country. If you need interpretation service, please feel free to contact us. Many thanks and enjoy your stay in Brazil!

We believe that the following factors are important

Your time

We understand the importance of your time as a customer and will provide you with an effortless experience by speedily resolving your concerns and questions.

Transparent pricing

We follow what the National Union of Translators (SINTRA) suggests. The investment is worthwhile, as we have qualified professionals on our team to guarantee the best and most precise communication and interpreting during your stay in Brazil.

Contribute to your success

We are reliable, punctual, professional and flexible.

24/7 Linguistic Support
in Brazil

Here is what our Clients say

"Very Professional"

"I have never seen such a good performance. I don’t speak English but I know the technical part. Congratulations for the interpretation Melissa!”

"Great Service"

“Your interpretation is excellent, I need your contact.”

"Kind & Loving"

“Melissa, are you that interpreter with such a sweet and nice voice? I’ve just sent a message to my husband saying that the interpreter is excellent.”

Air Treatment Systems Engineering

General Partner

Specialty Hospitals and Biocontainment Laboratories


Brazilian Intelligence Agency

Government official

Insight to Lamarca

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